Prices - Dominik Bargiel Photo
2012 - Morocco

Each assignment is based/calculated on individual basis depending on requirements, environment, accessibility, complexity of the project/session, below are my standard rates for typical day shoot for portrait, glamour, beauty, fashion, product, event.

My  rates:

small jobs - 1hr 30£ (max. 2hrs)

studio/location shoot - half day (4hrs) 200£, full day (8hrs) 350£

product shoot - 1 photo 40£, 2-5 photos 30£, 6-10 photos 25£ each

travel - standard costs (by car - fuel or flights)

pre-production - 1hr 10£ - concepts, ideas, vision, location scouting, props, castings: model, wardrobe stylist, hair stylist, make-up artist, light technician/assistant, etc...

post-production - 1hr 10£ crop, exposure, colours, tones, sharpness, HDR, high end retouch, photo restoration, etc...

delivery - all photographs are delivered max. 5 days after the shoot (online or USB or CD/DVD or memory card)

prints - see main menu or individually, to be discussed...

photo reproduction - A4, A3, A2, A1 - 60£, A0 - 80£ per one artwork, if bigger then multiply above (that's include colour calibration, lighting setup, measurements, stitching, test print, final colour measurements, final shoot)

Prices are NOT applicable for travel, landscape, reportage (this can be discussed separately)

Licensing - above rates include a limited licence for immediate use in one publication, usually a print edition. Anything more than that to be discussed.

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