About - Dominik Bargiel Photo
2013 - Burma


Phone: +44(0)7511779965

email:  dominikbargiel@gmail.com

fB:  www.fb.com/dominik.bargiel.3

skype: d0min0b

Portraits portfolio:  Portraits.pdf

City: Bristol, UK

          Since I remember photography and travel always have been my main subjects. It has happened that without my influence photography became a small obsession and I have decided to deeply explore this form of expression. During many years of travelling and shooting I have decided to make photography a part of my life. In 2007 I have moved to Bristol. Since then I have started to spending more and more time with taking photos. This website is result of that. You can see my work here through which I am trying to communicate with the world or about the world and some of my images also represents myself as a visual metaphors. If you are interested in having it my on your website or on your wall please use Prints menu or use email button to make a query/order. That will send me a message with information which image you would like to have (use a reference number or simply describe it). I will try to reply to you as soon as possible with the details or any advise if you need it. Feel free to be a guest on this website and enjoy watching it even if you are not interested in buying. I am very happy to hear and see any comments and critics.  Dominik

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